Fri 27th

The waiting game gave way to another game today. Knowing that we'd be here all week, some of the guys bought a load of tickets to see one of the one-day cricket internationals between England and South Africa. Charles and I volunteered to shop first thing for a big crew picnic and at midday we set off for Newlands cricket ground with enough food to feed a small army.
The ground was pretty packed but we were pleasantly surprised to see a decent amount of St George Cross flags being waved amidst the sea of the brightly coloured flags of the home nation.  We 'd also taken our forestay Hull & Humber Banner which at the end of each over we eagerly held aloft between the 16 of us there, to show our support.  Our enthusiasm was short lived. England got severely punished and we decided discretion was the better part of valour, so our banner was subtly packed away!