1st October
The wind has definitely improved.  We put a reef in our mainsail last night (pulled a section of it down to the boom to reduce the sail area).  I also had fun getting some good video footage and still shots of the waves crashing over the bow and a wall of water flying into the air as we once again slam into a wave. I also got pretty drenched as I was lying on the low side of the deck holding the video camera as far out and as low as I could get it, without actually disappearing under a wave. I was having trouble keeping one eye on the camera and one eye on the scene in front to spot the waves – however I had help from Chrissie who was on the helm. I soon realised that whenever she let out an ear-piercing shriek it meant that a humungous wave was upon us – that was my cue to hit the record button!
We're all a little more positive today.  24 hours ago Australia were 29 miles ahead of us.  Since the change in our game plan we gained first 6 miles, then 10 miles and in the most recent scheds we're now 3 miles ahead of them.  However that reckoning is based on distance to the finish of the leg and we know that they are technically still nearer to the scoring gate than we are. It will come down to who has the best wind to take them there.  If we can keep going at this pace we know we can do it however the nearer we come back to the gate the further east we'll be and going back into that Bad Ole High Pressure ridge.  I may still be learning about the weather but I know enough to know that the high pressure that's been toying with us for the last 4 or 5 days is BAD!