Leg 3 Day 19 - 19th December

Last night was a wet miserable night.  The rain was that really wet kind – a bit like a heavy mist, that seems to get in everywhere and soak you through far more than a torrential down pour.  We are in light winds again – the high pressure has finally caught us up and Piers predicts we might be under motor for the next 24 – 36 hours. It's not great but the upside is engine power takes fewer bodies to man the boat. We split our watch into smaller groups – I take the early stint and then am off to bed, so end up with nearly a full night's sleep! A welcome bonus and one in the eye for my cold! I woke up to hear sails being hoisted and the engine being turned off – another bonus!

It's a lovely morning – and I feel my cold start to subside. The sunshine encourages our productivity and Mike B and I set about making a new set of pocket-tidies for the helm out of some old disused bits of spinnaker.  I end up working through my off watch and into the next on-watch – but the end product is a resounding success and worth the toil to make them. Everyone agrees they are a thing of practical beauty!  We are all starting to get into Christmas party mode now and the afternoon saw the girls roll up trouser legs for a nobbly knees competition, the music was cranked on for a make-shift “office party” - with nibbles provided by Alex and Adam on mother watch – and to seal our good mood we had all our wet boots and foulies up on deck to dry out! - again!