Leg 3, Day 2 - 2nd December

Still feeling shaky I did feel well enough to have toast and marmalade for breakfast – which immediately made me feel better still and I knew I was over the worst!  There were still quite a number being ill but each hour complexions were changing back from green to normal and the smiles were making a return to faces.  The wind had settled overnight and we'd also moved off the Agulhus Shelf, which had contributed to the short choppy waves that had been our downfall.

A Pesto pasta lunch made most people human again and as the seas settled, normality – or as normal as you can be on a 68ft racing yacht – was restored.

The seas settled as the day went on and we got back into our routine of our evening 'AA' meetings, talking about the route and “race” positions.  We were now appearing on the 6 hourly scheds so we could start to plot our progress against the other yachts.  Our target was to try and take a day or two out of their overall race duration. Just because we weren't technically in the race didn't change a thing for us. With health restored we were back to concentrating on course, sail trim and speed. Hull & Humber were back!