Leg 3 Day 4 – December 4th

Night watch last night promised to be a long chilly one with the prospect of staying on starboard tack and the wind direction set, there was potentially little else to do other than helm and keep an eye on the trim. However, we were kept on our toes all night as we periodically hit wind-holes for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, would run round trimming the sheets to try and keep the boat moving and then the next minute we'd be doing 11 and 12 knots again – so then re-trimming!  Still as the temperature was very gradually dropping it kept us moving and kept us warm. Just before off-watch we put in a reef and then went to bed feeling like we'd done a decent watch's work after all. (If you didn't understand any of that, trust me – it was all good stuff to make the boat go faster!)

The rest of the day passed mainly in front of a computer for me. Trying to edit the weekly video for the Clipper website and also catch up on this blog as I'm horribly behind! (You’ll already be aware of this!)

We tried to call Cork Clipper on the phone this evening so we could talk to Charlie and Vic and find out how they are getting on – but we got no answer.  We figured as it was Friday and the Irish boat they must all be out down the pub!