Leg 3 Day 6 - 6th December

It was mother watch for me today. Rob and I were teamed up to cook up a storm in the galley. Well, actually what we were cooking up was soup and sarnies for lunch and pasta Bolognese for supper.  However it's not necessarily what you do but how you do it that makes the difference on mother watch, so the very basic fare we turfed out of a moderately bouncing galley, was dressed up with a large side-order of humour, enthusiasm and a large dollop of back-chat!  It's also important to cater for every need where possible, for lunch we didn't just serve up corned beef sandwiches – oh no, we rummaged and found a tin or two of something pretending to be cooked ham. So we had every combination of beef or ham with or without mustard, mayonnaise, onion and cheese spread. 
Gordon Ramsey had better beware! The 'Rob and Della Guide to the Gourmet Galley' was bound to be the next blockbuster, reality TV hit!
For supper we unearthed some spare tins of meatballs – rather than use the dried packs of Soya mix that were in our day-bags.  We had assumed that tins of “real” meat would be better but after Charles declared that supper was a “taste sensation he'd never experienced before” I'm not so sure!

I took a break from the galley in the afternoon to go up on deck and film some S.O. Action. The waves had increased, the wind was up and the blowy and grey conditions should make some great pictures. It was only towards the end of my session on deck that I remembered the last time I had been on mother-watch and had gone up on deck to do some filming was on Leg 2 and was the day Arthur had disappeared overboard. I remembered this just at the moment I watched Brett struggle back down the deck from the bow, in very similar conditions to that fateful day.  As he bent down to unclip his safety line - in almost exactly the same position as Arthur had done – I held my breath. Half of me nearly stopped filming – in case it was my camera jinx. If something happened to Brett now I didn't want to be filming it.  On the other hand – if something happened now – I really should have it on camera! A weird split-second of dilemma hung over me. However Brett was re-clipped back on and I was still filming!  My jinx fears were pushed aside – as were my hopes for a BAFTA nomination!!!