Leg 4, Race 5 - 10th January

Yet another hot, Hot, HOT day! – True to our word we were trimming the lightweight kite during the night – and as we'd hoped we'd taken miles off all boats – although we are still in 8th place but much more in touch with the other boats now. Edinburgh appeared on our stern this morning and by working hard we managed to banish them to the horizon! So we can see that what we are doing is paying off. Tempers have settled down now, everyone is positive and has the bit between their teeth. We are so determined to do well but recognise that we have to put in the graft to achieve that. No-one on board minds that – in fact we are all loving being busy and the fact that we feel we have learnt enough to contribute to making the boat go faster.
It's watch changeover for me later so I move from port to starboard watch and also start a four day stint as watchleader. With the race so close and many boats changing position with each new sched it feels like an awful lot of responsibility – eek!