Leg 5, Race 7 Day 7, 8th March

My foot feels better today, the swelling has gone down. The main problem is still getting my boot on and off – once it's on though, it's not too bad at all. Had a great zzzzz this morning with Ipod on and a short 'bunk disco' (interesting in a sleeping bag!)   – although still too hot despite the northerly winds now being some slightly colder air.  Had a rude awakening for watch – my bunk (I'm on the top) was being pushed up and down, earthquake fashion, by Piers from underneath (his bunk is underneath mine on this leg). One threat of stopping his sweet ration from my secret stash, soon put a stop to my unruly wake-up! The winds were still up and the sails were set so there was nothing for it but to split the watch and take turns on the helm. The fleet are still all very close – Cape Breton, Jamaica, Qingdao all appearing on AIS on our Nav computer, with Edinburgh popping up too, occasionally. At one point this afternoon we saw Jamaica's sail behind us on the horizon - but not for long, the wind angle changed, we tacked off north and all trace of the other yachts disappeared from view.