Race 10 Day 7, Sun May 30th

Having slept through both night watches I got up at 7am just when my watch were going off watch!  In theory I should have gone back to bed but I've never fancied bed sores and the view from my bunk – of the bunk above - was not picturesque enough to tempt me back there. Instead I stayed up in the saloon, tested my stomach out on a cup of tea and slice of bread with only a hint of jam on it. It went down and stayed down so I declared myself fit and well again.  I wasted an hour or so leafing through more trashy magazines, reading articles about the rich and famous with walk-in wardrobes bigger than the whole yacht!  I wasn't envious of those lives at all but seeing rows of designer shoes did make me wish for a pair of killer heels to strut down 5th Avenue in when we get to New York!

When we came on watch after lunch we could see Edinburgh on the horizon off our port beam. This was good news. In the last sched they had been 5 miles in front of us...now we were reeling them in. This was just the incentive we needed. We spent the afternoon trimming hard and helming harder under another hot, hot sun. Justin decided that we should head up further west while we could. He thinks that if we can find the Gulf Stream and get in it, then we'll have extra speed that will carry us all the way up to New York. It sounds like a good plan...in theory, however it's not that easy to find the Gulf Stream and by doing this we are once again taking a longer route and sailing more miles than anyone else – a tactic that hasn't worked for us in the past. We'll just have to go with it and hope for the best. The good news is that although we are on a different angle from the Scottish boat, it looks like we've finally edged past them. The latest scheds show they are now only 2 miles in front but that was taken from position reports a good 4 hours ago. We are hoping the next scheds in will have us in 4th place and then our sights are firmly set on Qingdao – who are currently in 3rd.

We have just over 400 miles to the finish and our optimism is high again. We just need to find this Gulf Stream and keep the wind in our sails!  To add to the good mood, Mel and Tom who are our Mothers today, turn up trumps with a fruit crumble and custard for pudding. Mel, who's done the race before had promised that you can make crumble with vegetable oil instead of butter. She's not wrong. It was delicious!!!