Fri 30th Race 3 Day 4

My dry-bags are wonderful bolster cushions and now I'm loving my bunk! I feel more like me today. Sleep is truly a wonderful thing!  My middle is still a bit sore but I'm sure I'll live!  I suspect it's also just taken me a few days to re-adjust to being back at sea again. Just about everyone is now also over their sea-sickness, 8th place has bolstered us and we are more determined to continue to work our way up the fleet.  The watch-leaders, Tom and Mike are on the ball with the navigation and course and are making sure we react to any changes in wind direction and strength. The wind has gradually been moving round and by the end of the day we finally get the spinnaker up for the first time. Mike and I watch with trepidation to check that our repair holds – and also that we hadn't missed any bits! Thankfully all seemed well and with the wind coming round more to our aft the boat settles more evenly, the bouncing, changes to rolling and life generally is much easier. During the day we've gone from 8th to 6th and now 5th place!  Watch out world – here we come!