Saturday 31st Race 3 Day 5

It's the last day of October and that means Halloween tonight. One of the things that keeps us entertained on board is keeping up with the traditional holidays and events that we kept as kids and that probably have fallen by the wayside in our adult, far too busy, lives. So talk today has been of Halloween costumes (what can we possibly do with what we have... with no spare washing-up bottles, sticky-back plastic or empty loo rolls), trick or treating and pumpkins.
A few costume ideas were hatched, the treats are very much rationed but we definitely have some ...the only worry being, that playing tricks on this boat is almost certainly going to be paid back ten-fold, so it's act with caution!  We didn't have any pumpkins but we've been eyeing a small greenish thing that looks like a squash and wondering if we cut it up and stick some birthday candles in it, it will have the same effect?!
So in between flying the spinnaker with renewed determination not to wrap it – and concentrating on keeping the boat moving as fast as possible, small bits of creativity happened in tucked away corners of the boat.
The good news is that we are still slowly working our way up the fleet – we started the day in fifth place and are now equal third with California, and Jamaica and Edinburgh are in front.  We are by far the most south though, so we think we may have the advantage.