Sat 28th  & Sun 29th

The weekend passed slowly – a mixture of anticipation for the off and a final relax before we were. On Saturday morning we all gathered in one of the apartments for an update from Piers.  We were hoping that we could start doing some prep-work on the boat but Piers told us that we couldn't get access until Sunday late afternoon at the earliest, so a few of us agreed to reconvene then, ready to go and work – through the night if necessary – so that we could set sail on Monday.  The weekend passed with final bits of shopping, laundry and a couple of hours on the Beach. All of us in a state of limbo and anxious to be back at sea. Sunday 4pm arrived but again we were thwarted. The work was coming along well and nearly completed but we couldn't start getting ready for our voyage until the following morning.  Piers was still hoping that we would be able to leave the next day – probably evening time, but in our hearts we knew that was a tall order.