Today I made the most of being in the apartment - so much so that I didn't even get properly dressed until about 4pm!  A happy day vegetating in my new domestic surroundings and spent mainly on my laptop trying to sort through all the photos I'd taken so far to get them uploaded onto the internet for friends an family to see back home.  At 5pm Katy, Kirsten and I left for the yacht club as it was their race night and they had extended an invitation to the Hull & Humber crew to sail with them. Kirsten and I got to sail on a small 30ft yacht called Naughtibuoy.  It was a yacht we'd seen accompanying us out in the bay before the official race start the previous Sunday.  The owner Theo and other yacht clubs members Rudi and Jim were also on the boat and made us both feel welcome. It felt very strange to be on a yacht half the size of Umber.  The winches, sheets and everything felt like it was in miniature!  The racing was a bit of a non-event as the wind had all but died but it was good to be back out on the water again and to go through another race start – without the accompaniment of a loud crunching sound!  The huge number of yachts on the water in front of Cape Town as the sunset created a magnificent picture observed by both ourselves and  the city's rocky guardian.