I remember someone saying to me about 10 years ago that 1 in every 3 people's lives were effected by cancer. At the time I felt that was an exaggeration but as each year passes I believe that now to be true - certainly amongst the people I know.

While it's true that in my lifetime there have been huge advances in treatment, drugs and early testing and diagnosis, it is still a disease that effects a third of us in some way, shape or form.  

My Dad lost the battle to lung cancer, my Mum has a mild form of leukaemia - kept at bay with daily tablets - if she'll just remember to take them! And I had my own small-scale and not uncommon scare last year when my Smear test found some 'bad' cells. Luckily for me we can all access this early testing and treatment now, so I'm fine. (Ladies if you haven't been for a smear test please let me urge you to go - it really can save your life).

However it's my mum's Dad - Wilfred White - or Wuwu as he was known to all and sundry, and who was a dearly beloved Grandad, that this part of my fundraising is dedicated to. He died of Bowel Cancer when I was quite young and while I remember him vividly, I wish I could have had more years of his company and humour.  He was one of four children - three of whom have now lost their lives to Bowel Cancer - so this is my way of paying tribute to them and fighting back against this disease.

I'm sure there will be many times during my sailing adventure when I think of Wuwu - who was always smartly turned out.  And while I'll picture him tutting at my no-doubt bedraggled and grubby state, I will feel bound to remind him that sailing boots are not designed to be polished!

 Bowel cancer death rates have fallen by 17% in the last 10 years. And they should continue to fall, as the disease is diagnosed earlier and treatments improve.

Please sponsor some miles and help to keep fighting the battle against this disease;


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