While taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is going to be a truly incredible experience I'm aware that it's really about me doing something for me.  However, as I'm doing my best to talk to (some might say 'bore') as many people as possible about the Race, I thought it a great opportunity to make it not just about me but about others too.

Therefore I've decided to raise both funds for and awareness of three charities that are close to my heart.

My main charity is DebRA. The other two are the World Land Trust and the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer. Click on these links to find out more about them and why these charities are important to me.

My rather amibitious aim is to raise a total across all 3 charities that matches the number of miles I'll be sailing during the Race - 35,000-nautical miles so a total of £35,000.  £1 per mile sounds pretty easy doesn't it?  Now I just need 35,000 friends who are all willing to donate £1!  I hope you'll help if you're reading this page. I know different charities will appeal to people in different ways so please read about all 3 and if you feel so inclined choose one, donate whatever you can and more importantly please spread the word (and the link to this site) to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same.

My personal aim is to have raised the money to match the miles before I finish to sailing the race.  It's a race against the race - who will win - you or me?! Can you spread the word to all your friends, family and colleagues and get them to donate just a little and then tell all their friends to do the same... so you all achieve the £35,000 target before I complete the 35,000 miles?

Be assured that every penny raised and pound donated will go to the relevant charity - there is nothing in it for me other than achieving a great challenge and Doing Something Good at the same time.

So please click on the links to my Just giving pages below and sponsor some miles for which ever charity means the most to you. 




If you run a business or think that your company will help support any of the 3 charities by sponsoring a chunk of miles or even a whole leg of the race please contact me at dellaroundtheworld@gmail.com. Sponsors of 500 miles or more will get a big thank you on this site and a link back to their own site - as well as knowing they are Doing Something Good!

Thank you