10 Steps to re-creating a Scary Sail change at sea, in the dark and in a gusting force 8 wind

This is the kind of experience I had during Part A Training on my third day of sailing ever. I'd like to share it with you...

(In Blue Peter tradition you will need:  a playground with climbing frame and see-saw, a few friends to help, a bucket of water, a hose, warm clothing, water-proofs, a sheet of tarpaulin, a length of rope, some 3 inch wedge shoes, a large fan or two and a life-jacket - safety is paramount)

  1. First put on lots of layers of warm clothing (very important for sailing at night in October)
  2. Get your friends to help you into your waterproofs - they'll need to help you as by now your movement is severely restricted by all your layers. Don't forget to put on your lifejacket.
  3. Get another friend to hang the sheet of tarpaulin from the climbing frame (the see-saw needs to be situated close to this)
  4. Start the fans close to the tarpaulin, blowing directly at you and turn on the water source through the hose to create the effect of spray from the waves
  5. Stand on the see-saw - position yourself in the middle with a friend on each end. You should also have your 3 inch wedges on by now as this will help re-create the 45 - 60 degree angle the boat will be on
  6. Ask your friends on the see-saw to start bouncing up and down in a wild and erratic fashion to re-create the movement of the boat
  7. Get your other friend to drop the tarpaulin sheet - which you now need to gather up quickly and neatly onto the seesaw (boat) to ensure it doesn't get blown overboard
  8. Check that your friend with the hose has it pointed directly at you at this stage enuring a good deal of water runs down your neck thoroughly soaking  your inside, now not-so-warm layers
  9. Now with the rope try and tie a bowline knot, keeping your balance while the person with the bucket of water throws it at you with some force - it's essential your friends on the see-saw are still bouncing away wildly
  10. Just when you think you're finished (and exhausted) do it all again - because the wind has changed - only this time with your eyes shut because it's night you can't see a thing

 * Kids don't try this at home without adult supervision

** 'Grown-ups'  don't try this - you'll break something. But if you are daft enough to try this please send me the photogprahic/video evidence

*** Better still, ask all your friends to sponsor you doing it and donate the proceeds on my Justgiving webpage 


**** If you do this, you do it at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for any damage or injury received.